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In the interest of hope, "the Bible says that Faith is the substance of things "hoped" for the evidence of things not seen". What is something that you are hopeful about and willing to put your faith in action for? Just a thought.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lyrics for "Hope Is Born"

-1st Verse-
We’ve already won
Regardless of the outcome
Let’s fully embrace
This change that has taken place
Boys and girls ‘round the world
Can finally see endless possibilities
So many weary years and silent tears
Now we’ve given birth
To a great new time on earth

Hope is born
My heart is happy cause
Hope’s no longer deferred
Hope is born
Now the dream’s no longer deterred

-2nd Verse-
If you have a dream
You have every reason
To capture and hold on to the spirit of this season
Season’s bright time is right
Don’t let this moment pass you by
This time hope didn’t die in the womb
Keep it alive in your heart make room

Hope is born
It’s no longer delayed, it’s not just on the way
But it’s here today!
Hope is born
I’m so excited my faith has been ignited
Now the dream’s no longer deterred

Hope, hope
Hope is color blind
Hope, hope
And it transcends party lines
The ceiling has been shattered
Millions of pieces have been scattered
It’s all in the air
And in this kind of atmosphere
Anything is possible
If you believe nothing’s impossible

Hope is born
Not only in the white house
Hope is born
But in my house
In your house too
What you’re gonna do since hope is?
Hope is born
Get off the sideline
Hope is born
Jump into your life

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